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Hi, I'm Tamara 

Tamara Manning is a spiritual life coach who specializes in energy healing, intuitive gifts, and prayer. For the last five years I have been on a spiritual journey towards my life purpose and forming a deeper connection to God. This has been such a rewarding experience and I want to use my gifts to help others deepen their connection to the higher power and live the life they were created to live.

Tamara Manning earned her Spiritual Life Coaching Certification and Emotional Intelligence Coaching Certification from the ACSTH International Coach Federation in July of 2020 amid the pandemic. Tamara is also Reiki Master certified. She is currently being mentored by a successful spiritual coach who has had a practice for 20 years. Tamara is excited to pursue her certification as a Master Spirit Coach that will further prepare her for helping others.


Sow 2 Soul Mission

        My mission is to create transformation of the mind, body, and spirit while creating a connection to God (Higher Power, Universe, etc.).

Our Vision

To coach others to their divine purpose, creating passion and a fulfilled life.

Keys To Success

Tamara Manning's keys to business success include the following:


  • As more people desire to become enlightened the Spiritual Coaching niche is growing in demand.

  • Passion for her work and people.

  • Experience in her own spiritual journey.

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

  • Excellent networking and referral opportunities.

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